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How to get Pakistan currency declaration form?

Islamabad: The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) said all international passengers coming to and going from Pakistan will have to fill a Customs’ declaration (including currency declaration) form as the country started implementing FATF standards.

The passengers will have to give details of their currency, gold jewellery, precious stones and restricted goods such as narcotics, weapons, satellite phones, etc before flying.

Shortly after the news of the currency and Custom’s declaration surfaced, thousands of people started inquiring about the form online.

For those looking for the currency declaration form online, they won’t find it on the CAA website as the government has directed the airlines’ crews to distribute the declaration forms during the flights among all passengers.

The passengers can also get their forms from their travel agents or website of the airline they choose to fly by.

The declaration forms will be deposited at the customs’ counters before the immigration desks at all airports.

Pakistan Customs has been asked to depute its staff at all international airports to facilitate inbound/outbound passengers of all international flights.

For outbound flights, airlines have been directed to ask their staff and travel agents to ensure that they would provide a copy of the Customs declarations to passengers to fill it at the time of booking of tickets.

A PCAA spokesperson said the issuance of the boarding passes to passengers going abroad from Pakistan was subject to submission of Customs’ declaration forms. .

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