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iDubbbz’s girlfriend Anisa Jomha responds to ‘4chan’ photo speculations

Anisa Jomha, a social media influencer and the girlfriend of YouTube star Ian Carter aka iDubbbz is focus of attention on the internet these days.

Anisa, who is a social media star on her own right, recently took to Twitter to respond to speculations that she had some kind of explicit photos leaked online at some point in time.

For those who believe Anisa’s photo were shared on 4chan, Anisa Jomha had addressed the issue almost five years ago in 2015.

Using her “Anisa Jomha Onlyfans” Twitter account she dismissed all the rumors about presence of any of her objectionable photos. “So you can stop searching the Internet now,” she wrote.

She recently came to know about some lewd social media discussion involving her and decided to hit back at her haters.

Taking to Twitter on March 29, 2020, she deplored that some people were still obsessing about her pictures when the world was faced with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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