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Is 6th September holiday in Pakistan?

Is 6th September holiday in Pakistan?

Islamabad: Pakistan is all set to observe Defence and Martyrs Day on September 6th to remember the nation’s martyrs who laid down their lives for their country.

The country has traditionally observed the day to honor the martyrs of September 1965 war which was imposed on Pakistan by India.

The day used to be a public holiday for many years before the country decided against it.

The country has started observing September 6 as Defence and Martyrs day to remember both civilians and military men who rendered sacrifices for Pakistan after it successfully wiped out terrorists.

Although the day is not a public holiday anymore, it has never affected the passion with which the country used to observe it.

The Interior Ministry this year has announced that government offices will be closed by 3:00 pm so that employees can pay homage to martyrs and visit the victims’ families to express solidarity.

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