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Is Khaby Lame a Muslim?

Khaby Lame became a sensation for his spin on “life hack” videos, navigating overly complicated scenarios without saying a word while doing the famous “Khaby move.” 

Binance has partnered with Khaby Lame, the Italian Senegalese creator who grew to fame through his viral TikTok videos, to join as a global brand ambassador.

As the blockchain ecosystem behind the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance will partner with Khaby to increase Web3 awareness and adoption.

Lame is currently the most-followed creator on TikTok, with more than 142 million followers on the platform, and 78 million followers on Instagram.

Khaby Lame is a Senegalese  Muslim Lame announced his engagement to Zaira Nucci in October 2020.As of 2021, Lame lives in Milan as an expat with his agent. 

Although he has lived in Italy since he was an infant, he is a Senegalese citizen and does not hold Italian citizenship.

He has stated, “Sincerely, I don’t need a piece of paper to define myself as Italian”. 

However, on 24 June 2022, the Italian Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior Carlo Sibilia announced that Lame would be granted citizenship.

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