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Jannat Mirza ‘private video’ being sought online is fake

Jannat Mirza got no videos leaked

Pakistan has recently seen a dangerous phenomenon of private videos of some prominent figures from showbiz as well as common citizens being leaked on line.

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The rare trend in Pakistan was arguably on its peak in October when it saw record number of explicit videos being shared on social media.

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The videos of singer Rabi Peerzada, model Samra Chaudhry, unknown couples from Lahore’s Emporium Mall and moving Fortuner car on Lahore Islamabad Motorway are some examples where it was obvious that some people had their videos leaked.

Rabi Peerzada was the only one to publicly admit that she got her private videos leaked. The scandal forced her to quit the showbiz too.

Some human rights activists called on the government to take action against those involved in breaching people’s privacy. But to no avail.

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Another trend that followed seemed even more dangerous as some social media pages and Whatsapp groups started spreading fake videos of some celebrities. TikTok start Hareem Shah apparently became the first victim when a sexually explicit video was attributed to her.

The latest victim is Jannat Mirza, the most popular Pakistani TikTok star. A Facebook group Brotherhood with over 130, 000 followers recently posted a combo of four pictures with a suggestive caption.

The caption and one of the photo purported to show Jannat Mirza sent the subscribers into frenzy, with most of them asking each other for the link to the video from which the photo was taken.

A reverse image search proves that the photo or video is not of Tiktok star. Although it was abundantly clear from the photo that it didn’t show Jannat Mirza,the search proves that the woman seen in the photo was a foreign adult movie star.

Jannat Mirza is the number one TikTok model of Pakistan with around 3.2 million followers and more than 29.5 million likes.

Belonging to Punjab’s Faisalabad city, the 20-year-old is a student of Arts College. She recently moved to Japan recently for educational purpose.

Jannat Mirza’s sister Alishba Anjum, is also a popular TikTok model with over 2 million followers.

Saner voices on social media has demanded the government move against Facebook groups that run character assassination campaigns against people .

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