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TikToker Claims Kim Kardashian’s Skims Bodysuit Saved Her Life 4 times in Shooting Incident

A woman named Angelina (Nina) Wiley claims that her Skims bodysuit played a crucial role in saving her life during a tragic incident of gun violence. The incident took place on December 31, 2022, while Wiley and her friends were celebrating the New Year in Westport, Kansas City. As Wiley narrated in a TikTok series, the group was waiting for their Lyft when they decided to visit a nearby food truck.

As they crossed the street to get some food, Wiley and her friend encountered a group of strangers involved in a heated altercation. In a shocking turn of events, a man wearing a ski mask suddenly opened fire on the group, and Wiley was struck four times during the chaotic scene. The bullets caused serious injuries, including a ruptured bladder, a cracked pelvis, and a lodged bullet in her abdomen that surgeons were unable to remove.

Months after the incident, in a TikTok video that garnered over 1.6 million views and was even reposted by Kim Kardashian herself, Wiley expressed gratitude towards her Skims bodysuit, crediting it with saving her life that fateful night. In the video, she humorously stated, “Kim Kardashian saved my life. … Call it fate, or Jesus, but I’mma call it Kim!”


Replying to @Lauren ✈️ The body suit i wore that night is shown at the end!! Just some more shapewear lore lol 🩵 #kimkardashian #skims

♬ original sound – angelina

According to Wiley, the Skims bodysuit she was wearing that night acted as a form of “female body armor,” keeping her from bleeding out due to its tight fit. In another video, she claimed that the bodysuit’s design redistributed her body fat in a way that caused the bullets to pass through fatty tissue rather than vital organs. This, she believes, is why medical professionals have refrained from removing the bullet lodged in her abdomen, as doing so would pose a higher risk.

Despite the light-hearted tone of her viral video, Wiley emphasized that the shooting and her subsequent recovery have taken a significant toll on her both mentally and physically. She faced negative and hateful comments online, which added to the challenges of her situation.

Wiley has been on a challenging road to recovery, experiencing ups and downs as she navigated mobility issues, relying on hopping, scooting, and rolling when she couldn’t walk. The injuries, including the bullet still inside her body, have caused ongoing pain, especially in her hip, and she revealed struggling with severe PTSD since the shooting.

To support her recovery, Wiley set up a GoFundMe page, detailing the hardships she has been enduring. The incident has left a lasting impact on her life, and she continues to face physical and emotional obstacles on her path to healing.

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