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Kuwait visa for Pakistanis 2021: Requirements and how to apply

Kuwait visa for Pakistanis 2021

Islamabad: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Wednesday said Kuwait will lift a ban on work visas for Pakistanis.

His statement came before the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister began his two-day official visit to Islamabad from Thursday.

According Express Tribune Kuwait had banned work visas for Pakistan in 2011 and despite attempts by previous governments the restrictions could not be lifted. 

Here are requirements for Pakistanis willing to apply for Kuwait visa:

Kuwait Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens
Pakistani citizens who live in a GCC country and hold a residency permit are able to travel to Kuwait on a travel visa. You can apply for a travel eVisa to Kuwait online, via online application.

The GCC countries are: Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

This guide explains how Pakistani nationals who reside in a GCC country (and hold a residency permit) can obtain a travel visa to Kuwait.

How to Apply for a Kuwait Visa for Pakistani Nationals
In order to travel to Kuwait, you need to obtain a visa before traveling. You can apply for an online Kuwait travel visa if you comply with the following requirements:

You must hold a residency permit for a GCC country which is valid for at least 6 months upon your date of entry to Kuwait.
You must hold a Pakistani passport which must also be valid for a minimum of 6 months upon your arrival in Kuwait.
The eVisa should be printed once sent to your email, ready to present upon arrival at Kuwait border control and it should also be carried on your person throughout your visit in Kuwait.
Ensure you travel with all the correct documentation, such as your passport, GCC residency permit and Kuwait travel visa at all times.

The Kuwait eVisa Application Process for Pakistani Citizens
The online Kuwait visa application process is easy and doesn’t take long to complete. You merely need to fill out your personal details, passport details and the details of your trip to Kuwait.

This travel eVisa for Kuwait is processed and sent to you by email within a matter of days.

The personal details you are expected to complete include: full name, nationality, date of birth, address and passport details. Make sure all details are correct in order to obtain a valid travel visa. Furthermore, double check the validity of both your Pakistani passport and your GCC residency card, as they must both be valid for at least 6 months upon your date of entry to Kuwait.

The online visa application form also requires a copy of your passport: the biometric page.

Once the Ministry of Interior of the State of Kuwait has screened your online visa application, you will receive your Kuwait travel visa via email. Print your visa, ready for presentation upon entry to Kuwait and make sure it is on your person at all times during your trip. The visa approval contains: an issue date, expiration date and visa number.

Traveling to Kuwait from GCC Countries with a Pakistani Passport
The travel visa for Kuwait is a single entry visa and permits a stay of up to a maximum of 90 days. It also has an expiry date, which cannot be renewed.

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