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Lil Huddy mocked, body shamed by haters online

A users defended Lil Huddy and his rumored girlfriend Charli D’Amelio while calling out the haters for sexualizing a teenager

Washington: Days after becoming target of a death hoax, TikToker Chase Hudson aka Lil Huddy is being mocked online for his sexuality.

The TikToker, who is reportedly dating teen sensation Charli D’Amelio — as their social media posts suggest- is being body shamed by social media trolls for a couple of days.

While some people wrongly believe that that Lil Huddy has some kind of video leaked that shows his private body parts, others are wondering why is he being discussed in the first place.

The only reason the TikToker has become target of haters appears to be jealousy after he and Charli D’Amelio shared some intimate pictures from their Hawaii vacations.

Some people have accused Lil Huddy of using N-word others are busy discussing his sexuality. While majority of users attacked him on social media, there were some who voiced support from the social media personality.

Here is a collection of some Tweets where Chase Hudson came under discussion for one reason or the other:

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