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Mattia Polibio says his Youtube video better than Alejandro Rosario’s

Mattia Polibio and Alejandro Rosario share a strong bond of friendship between them.

And they are often seen pulling each other’s legs on their Instagram accounts.

Rosario who on Tuesday turned 17 had received an expletive-laden greeting from Mattia Polibio, indicating that they are very good friends.

And when Alejandro Rosario posted a video on his Youtube channel, Mattia Polibio too consider it necessary to share one of his own.

The only difference between their Youtube videos was that Rosario posted it to share his funny moments with his followers while Polibio came up with one with the sole purpose of taking a funny dig at his friend.

Alejandro Rosario’s announcement regarding his Youtube video
Rosario’s video which he posted a short while later

Below is how Mattia Polibio trolled him with his own Instagram story and a random Youtube video

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