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Mckinzie Valdez leaves fans scratching their heads

Mckinzie Valdez leaves fans scratching their heads on reddit

Folks are going crazy in search of something they believe exists somewhere on the internet that offers a glimpse into Mckinzie Valdez’s life that she wouldn’t want to share publicly.

Since Mckinzie Valdez’s Instagram account is private and she’s no longer active on Twitter, fans are spreading the name of a reddit ID which they think is offering what they are looking for.

But to their chagrin, there’s no account identified as “r/mckinzievaldez3” on the website. Others were vigorously trying to find ways to break into “Mckinzie Valdez’s dropbox” which they think is the place where everything they want to see exists.

If we are to learn one thing from Mckinzie Valdez, we should seek her advice on how to protect one’s privacy in this era of internet.

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