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Meghan’s topless pictures are fake: Fact-check

Meghan Markle has born the brunt of the recent royal split which saw she and her husband Prince Harry quit their royal duties in order to live more independent lives.

While the couple unanimously decided to part their ways, a section of the media chose to demonize the former American, actress accusing her of being behind all that happened.

A US anchor went on to call her a “C” class actress while discussing Meghan’s views about President Donald Trump.

As the mainstream media and online news outlets focused their attention on the couple after their shocking decision, an organized character assasination campiagn got underway on some obscure news portals.

Sexully explicit photoshopped pictures purporting to show Meghan flooded those websites.

The photos were also spread through WhatsApp groups and a close look at the trend suggests that most of the people in many countries thought Meghan might have posed topless without realizing that it might be a vilification campiagn against the Duchess of Sussex.

A thorough online research into the purported photos of Meghan concluded that she never got any pictures leaked and all the photos circulating the Internet are doctored.

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