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Michael Jackson was also among those who spoke out against racism

Leading American singer Michael Jackson also raised the issue of racial discrimination against black people during his career.

A note written by Michael Jackson in 1987 is currently circulating on social media.

According to letters from the King of Pop, he accused MTV of ignoring black musicians.

Michael Jackson wrote, criticizing white Elvis Presley, that he would be anything but show ‘The King’ who the boss is.

“Yes, they were good, but they were not better singers and dancers than blacks,” he wrote of the well-known English band The Beatles.

He wrote that I am not a victim of prejudice, but now is the time to become the first black ‘King’.

Michael Jackson also spoke in his note about the racist crimes of the American white extremist group KK.

He wrote that my goal was to become a ‘big’, very powerful, hero to end prejudice.

Michael Jackson also wrote that whatever justice I want, I want every generation to be loved equally

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