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Miftah Ismail wrongly accused of insulting Quran by PTI supporters

Newly appointed Finance Minister Miftah Ismail is being accused of insulting the Holy Quran by PTI supporters for referring to Imran Khan’s use of Islamic phrases to target his political opponents.

During a talk at the Atlantic Council, Ismail talked about how the former prime minister started using the ‘Amar bil Maroof and Nahianil Munkar’ terms from the holy Quran which mean promotion of virtue and prevention of vice.

He said that Khan presented his opponents as symbols of vice while himself as a symbol of virtue.

Miftah Ismail told the panel that the Taliban government in the 90s also had a ministry that went by the name of Amar Bil Maroof and Nahianil Munkar’.

Hundreds of PTI supporters took to social media and accused Miftah of blasphemy.

Senior journalists and political commentators have advised Imran Khan to stop his supporters from using religion card against his opponents as the dangerous trend would have serious consequences for the country.

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