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Ms Rachel ‘leaks’ are scam: The YouTuber is an undisputed champion of our hearts

Millions of people from across the world love watching Ms Rachel’s videos because their kids do.

She’s is one of the most loved person on YouTube because her songs do have a magical impact on children.

Hardly a day goes by when parents with kids don’t talk about her on social media.

While most people are seen praising her, there are some who find her annoying.

But even those who jokes about her can’t help singing her songs.

Then, there arw those who can’t help posting inappropriate things about the woman.

Social media has recently witnessed posts which try to create impression that Ms Rachel has some kind of “leaks” online.

Doctored images of the YouTuber have also been shared on social media posts.

There’s is no truth in such claims as none of the so called leaked photos and videos belong to Ms Rachel.

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