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Obaidullah Aleem’s 18th death anniversary was in 2016 not on 21 May 2021

Karachi: The reports that a portrait of of Mirza Qadiyani was shown on the Pakistan Television (PTV) on the occasion of the death anniversary of Obaidullah Aleem on 21 May 201 are incorrect.

Veracity of the claim accompanying the social media posts could be verified by the fact that the screenshot of the TV screen reads “Today is the 18th death anniversary of renowned poet Obaidullah Aleem” while his 18th anniversary fell in May 2016.

The poet actually died 23 years ago on 18th May 1998 in Karachi so there’s no point in PTV reporting his 18th death anniversary in 2021.

The veracity of the screenshot of the PTV screen also could not be independently confirmed.

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