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Pakistan army leadership continues to be target of online campaign

Pakistan army is showing unprecedented restraint in the face of attacks from some TV anchors and YouTubers backed by activists of a political party.

Chief of the Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa continues to be the prime target of an online campaign.

The campaign being encouraged by some TV anchors and YouTubers, previously known as the establishment’s mouthpiece, is now making headlines in India.

Indian publication News 18 on Friday published an article which seemed to create the impression that the Pakistani army chief is facing a revolt within his force.

The article was based on speculations that were recently made on Twitter by some retired army officers who are allied with Imran Khan, the former prime minister of Pakistan.

The retired military officials are being backed by a group of TV anchors and YouTubers who have previously boasted about their association with the country’s security establishment. They are blaming the army for Imran Khan’s ouster through a no-confidence motion.

Recently the army’s media wing, the ISPR, gave shut up call to self exiled Pakistani journalist Shaheen Sehbai who has been speaking against its top brass.

Meanwhile, the army has announced to observe every Friday as “dry day” under which only emergency related work would be carried out and all other government-related transport would be halted.

The decision to observe the “dry day” has been taken as part of austerity measures to save petrol and diesel amid an economic crisis.

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