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Pakistan condemns Indian perverts over ‘Marry Kashmiri girl’ trends

‘Marry Kashmiri girl’ trends

As India announced to revoke special status granted to Kashmir amid a security crackdown and deprived local people of their basic human rights by blocking Internet, telephone and cable TV services , men from India went into collective hysteria to find a way to fulfill their fantasies of marrying Kashmiri girls.

Their disregard for human suffering in the occupied territory was witnessed by social media users across the world.

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It also drew strong condemnation from Pakistan Foreign Office at a weekly briefing in Islamabad on Thursday.

Social media users in Pakistan and liberal activists in India have criticized the tendencies of the Indian men and condemned them for ignoring what has just happened in Kashmir.

Kashmir might be calm but it is being called calm before the storm and Western media has also reported that the valley is all set to see new wave of protests once the curfew is lifted.

As the condemnations poured in over New Delhi’s decision to revoke article 370 and 35A, a section of Indian media has come up with a damning report into what Indian men has been searching online after their government’s decision.

Below is the report that has appeared in Indian media:

Going by the Google Trends, men in Kerala have topped the list for searching “Kashmiri Girls” over the past 24 hours. Jharkan is at number two, followed by Himachal Pradesh.

ON August 6, search numbers of “Marry kashmiri girl, and Kashmiri girls” spiked.

State-wise, Delhi was at the top spot for searching ‘marry Kashmir girl followed by Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Most number of searches for “buy land in Kashmir”came from Jharkan, followed by Delhi and Haryana.

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