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Prince William shows his true intentions after Trooping the Colour as he upstages King Charles

Prince William has been accused of playing a dirty as he tried to upstage his father King Charles after his first Trooping the Colour as Sovereign.

The accusation came from the staunch supporters of the British royal family after it was felt that Prince William knocked his father off the front pages of newspapers by releasing a new picture with his children.

Even journalist Richard Eden, who is known as a strong supporter of William, questioned Kensington Palace’s decision to release the photo. Although he called the photo of William, George, Charlotte and Louis sweet, he said the decision to release it was curious.

Some critics said the Kensington Palace pretended that the ceremony was about Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children after it released the pictures from Trooping The Colour.

Some royal family supporters have voiced concern that William wants his father to abdicate so that he can become the king at a young age unlike Charles who ascended the throne when he had crossed 70.

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