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Reham Khan book and Murad Saeed issue explained

Reham Khan’s scandalous book has landed Gharida Farooqi and her News One TV channel into a trouble.

The channel was shut down after guests at Gharida’s show discussed the book while talking about Murad Saeed’s performance which helped him top the list of ministers.

Those who haven’t read the book are wondering what led to the closure of the channel.

Reham Khan’s book was released just before 2018 general election. The controversial book failed to affect PTI’s election campaign.

In the book, the former wife of Imran Khan went on to describe some very private and bed room stories for which she was also criticized by independent commentators.

She talked about Khan’s affairs that he had in his youth. She also made outrageous claim about Murad Saaed on page 273 and 274 of her book.

Neither Khan not Saaed nor ever reacted to Reham’s allegations or sued her over the allegations.

Reham Khan recently lost a legal case in UK against Zulfi Bukhari who had sued her for levelling baseless allegations against him.

Not only did Reham apologize to Zulfi, she also agreed to pay a huge amount of money as damages.

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