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Retired army officers pres conference: who is the woman seen ranting against army?

Self-exiled former army major Adil Raja has intensified his campaign against the Pakistan Army leadership from his base in the UK.

After the retired army officers’ press talk on Monday, the fugitive former officer launched personal attacks on the army chief on social media.

The kind of allegations he levelled against the army leadership were called below the belt even by the army’s fierce critics in Pakistan.

Shortly after fleeing to the UK and finding a safe place, Raja had sought apology from senior journalist Raza Rumi for declaring him an Indian agent.

He had tendered the apology after Rumi threatened to take legal action against him in the UK where Major (retd) Adil has sought refuge.

The former officer was furious after the Veterans of Pakiatan , an organization of former military officers, faced tough questions from journalists outside the Islamabad Press Club.

While the club administration said it had not prevented the members of the organization from holding the press conference inside the Press Club, Major ,(retd) Adil and some anchors and YouTubers, known for their political affiliations, were found suggesting that the army asked the club to stop the press conference.

At the event that went viral, a woman blasted the army leadership for removal of Imran Khan. She also levelled some serious allegations against several former army cheifs.

Major (retd) Adil said that the woman was the wife of Major (retd) Iftikhar who served in the Pakistan Army Aviation.

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