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RIP Harvey: False Death Hoax Circulates on Twitter, Causing Confusion Among Users

Twitter was abuzz with a death hoax involving popular TV personality Steve Harvey, which started gaining traction on July 18, 2023. The rumor led some social media users to mistakenly believe it was Harvey Weinstein who had passed away.

The hashtag “RIP Harvey” initially emerged in connection to a different incident altogether – the passing of a regular caller named Harvey Doyle, who was well-known among listeners of the Kentucky radio station KSR. The station’s host, Matt Jones, confirmed the sad news and expressed his grief, leading to the hashtag’s origination.

However, as the hashtag spread, people outside the radio station’s community began associating it with Steve Harvey or Harvey Weinstein. Confusion ensued, with some users expressing shock and concern, while others humorously pondered which Harvey the trend was referring to.

Amidst the speculations, Steve Harvey himself stepped in to put the rumors to rest. He tweeted a meme of himself reacting to the trending hashtag and subtly made light of the situation. The comedian also retweeted some fan-made memes that playfully teased the misunderstanding.

This is not the first time Steve Harvey has faced a death hoax. Back in March 2023, he had to debunk similar rumors that surfaced on Twitter. Fortunately, the Emmy Award winner is alive and well, and the recent “RIP Harvey” trend has proven to be based on a different individual entirely.

As with any news circulating on social media, it is essential to verify the information before spreading or reacting to it, as hoaxes and misunderstandings can easily mislead the public.

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