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Shehryar Afridi receives backlash for attacking American values in Times Square video

New York: Kashmir Committee chairman Shehryar Afridi has stirred a controversy a day after landing in the United States.

Hours after arriving in the New York, Afridi appeared in a video shot at the Times Square while criticizing American values and what he saw as the lack of respect for women.

The senior ruling party leader said the members of all ethnic groups in Pakistani give respect to their mothers, daughters and sisters due to the religion that they follow but that is not the case in the US.

He seemed to taunt the Americans for the status of women as he walked in front of the camera in Manhattan area.

Afridi, who is in the US to highlight the Kashmir’s case, urged his viewers to stick to their roots and religion.

After his video surfaced online, multiple users including journalists, academics and civil society members lashed out at Shehryar Afridi for indulging in unnecessary activities while visiting US to represent Kashmiris.

Many users demanded the government call back Afridi before he finds an opportunity to speak to an audience at an official event and causes further embarrassment to Pakistan.

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