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Story behind ‘Mathira leaked pictures’

Karachi: Mathira comes across one sexy and bold celebrity who does her own thing without caring much about what people might think of her.

She has made her name in the TV industry and has a considerable fan base regardless of criticism that came her way down the road.

Mathira these days is hosting a show on BOL TV and keeps her fans updated on her social media accounts about everything she is doing be it work or vacations abroad.

Ever since she gained popularity in Pakistan, folks have been targeting her for one reason or another , reason being they can’t stand an independent and a bold woman living her life to the fullest.

Recently some anonymous social media users claimed that Mathira had some “inappropriate” photos leaked.

The impunity with which some people recently targeted a couple of Pakistani celebrities in character assassination campaign , the Internet users have grown more emboldened to look for new victims.

Those who believe Mathira had some sort of pictures leaked online should first visit her Instagram page.

Most of the pictures they believe got leaked were posted on her Instagram account by none other than Mathira herself.

Below is the link to her Instagram


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