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ThapparSharif trends on Twitter with fake news about Shahbaz Sharif getting slapped

Islamabad: Senior journalists and saner elements within the PTI have opposed the Twitter trend which wrongly claims Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was slapped.

Urdu language hashtag trend #ThapparSharif started trending on Twitter after hundreds of users including some YouTubers and anchors known fro their political affiliation spread the fake news that the prime minister got slapped by the military officials over some differences on the appointment of the next army chief.

Those involved in spreading the fake news were advised to stop humiliating the office of the prime minister no matter who sits there.

Journalist Mattiullah Jan criticized the PML-N for claiming Imran Khan was slapped in April when he was ousted from the office.

He said that the PML-N was getting taste of its own medicine in the shape of the fake news being spread by their political opponents.

Meanwhile, the rumors of Shehbaz Sharif getting slapped have been dismissed by the government officials.

Some senior PTI leaders also believe the rumors would undermine democracy.

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