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Zhalay Sarhadi explains remarks about Esra Bilgic aka ‘Halime Sultan’

Zhalay Sarhadi said making Halime Sultan actor Esra Bilgic the ambassador of Pakistani brand is a slap on the face of Pakistani actors because “we don’t like our actors and we prefer actors from other countries and their dramas.

“I mean we don’t make our people celebrities, our content is not so powerful that we prefer outsiders. So I didn’t criticize anyone else or outside artists but myself,” she said in a statement.

She clarified her earlier remarks saying , “if you had read the whole story this story would never have gone viral”.

It should be noted that a few days ago a video clip of Jale Sarhadi went viral on social media in which she criticized the decision to hire Turkish actress.

Zhalay Sarhadi was heavily criticized on social media for remarks.

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