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Twitter’s famous ‘Baji Please’ shares her ordeal post 9 May riots

Lahore: Pakistani Twitter’s famous user Baji Please, known for her witty and sarcastic posts, has revealed that her family has also become the target of an ongoing crackdown against the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Baji, whose real name could not be revealed here, is not known to be an active political worker and mostly remains confined to tweeting in favor of Imran Khan.

After a brief absence from Twitter, the Lahore-based Twitterati revealed that her family house was raided multiple times, with police manhandling her father and arresting her brother.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Baji Please wrote, “The past month has been extremely challenging for us. Police broke into our house twice at night, manhandled my abu and arrested brother.

We’ve been moving from one jail to another ever since. Please pray the beasts leave us alone. This country is hell.”

She did not elaborate on why her brother was arrested or whether she too underwent scruitney over her tweets against the politicians affiliated with the ruling alliance.

Hundreds of people expressed sympathy with Baji Please and prayed for her safety.

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