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Video: Mehwish Hayat is anxious after haters harass the actress

Mehwish Hayat on Thursday left her fans worried when she took to social media to share a picture with a cryptic caption.

“Why do I feel like I’m fighting on my own,” she captioned her post which she concluded with hashtag #anxious.

While most of the people had no idea why she was anxious, social media users linked her feelings to a purported video of Mehwish Hayat that is being circulated on WhatsApp.

Those who have seen the video has rejected it as “fake” clip featuring a woman who has a little bit resemblance to the “Punjab Nahi Jaon Ge” actress.

Her haters, however, are linking the video to her “Pride Of Performance” which she won a couple of years ago for her services in the entertainment industry and revival of Pakistani cinema.

Screenshot of the video being circulated on WhatsApp groups to malign Mehwish Hayat

Juggun Kazim, Aima Baig and several other celebrities sent “love” and “hugs” to Mehwish Hayat as they reacted to her beautiful picture on Instagram.

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