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Video of ‘Maryam Nawaz kicking worker’ sparks Twitter war

Supporters of rival political parties stooped to new lows Saturday as they fought over a video of PML leader Maryam Nawaz.

The video purporting to show Maryam Nawaz being eve-teased by male workers during a rally triggered the fight on Twitter which saw workers of PMLN and PTI use foul and abusive language against each other.

According to a user the video was filmed in Patoki area of Punjab during a PMLN rally where he claimed Maryam Nawaz is seen kicking a male worker.

The inappropriate caption of the video angered the PMLN workers who also resorted to inappropriate language against PTI leadership.

The video could not be independently verified and it was still not clear whether Maryam Nawaz was eve-teased.

Sane voices from both the parties on Twitter users to refrain from using inappropriate language against party leaders.

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