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Where is Bilawal Bhutto now?

Islamabad: Pakistan People’s Party leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is leading thousands of people to converge on Islamabad.

The PPP march, which began from Sindh, has reached near the capital and the government has sealed Islamabad’s Red Zone.

Bilawal Bhutto decided to change the route of his march due to the cricket match between Pakistan and Australia.

The PPP leader said he does not want to disrupt the match since the Australian team is visiting Pakistan after more than two decades.

The residents of Islamabad are worrying about the impending chaos that the march can brought to the capital.

They have been inquiring about the exact location of the march to decide whether they should send their children to schools on Tuesday.

The PPP March is currently camped in Rawat, a few kilometers away from Islamabad and is expected to arrive in Islamabad in the afternoon.

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