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Who is Bassem Youssef?

Egyptian comedian and TV host Bassem Youssef appeared on Piers Morgan’s show Uncensored to discuss the ongoing conflict between Isreal and Hamas.

The satirist’s conversation with Morgan has gone viral with millions of people praising him on X and other social media websites.

During her appearance on the show, Bassem Youssef criticized conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro and Florida Governor Ronald Dion DeSantis for their takes
on the conflict.

He also called out Shapiro and Morgan for spreading the report about Israeli babies being decapitated by Hamas despite the fact that the report was later dismissed as false.

Morgan, however, denied spreading the story.

Youssef lives in the San Francisco Bay Area of California with his Egyptian-Palestinian wife and two children. Youssef is a Muslim. When asked if he will ever return to Egypt and if he misses Egypt he has responded “no”.

He has been compared with American comedian Jon Stewart, whose satire program The Daily Show inspired Youssef to begin his career.

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