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Who is Fatima Tahir of leaked video fame?

Fatima Tahir is the most sought after person right now on Pakistan’s social media platforms, especially on Facebook and Whatsapp.

If social media discussions are anything to go by, she is not a celebrity, not even a TikToker with a few thousands followers.

So what makes her focus of so many’s people’s attention?

Answer is that folks receiving explicit videos on Whatsapp is a commonplace but some people get so excited about some stuff that they take to social media to discuss it without realizing most of the people might not have come across the video they are talking about.

People then start asking about the stuff out of curiosity and so it becomes viral within days close look at social media posts suggests that Fatima Tahir is just a random girl who somehow got a dance video leaked. Some people think video shows a woman dancing in appropriate condition and it is also available on snapchat.

WARNING: Sharing explicit videos of individuals online may get you in legal trouble.

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