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Who is Jose Miguel Polanco?

Jose Miguel Polanco, who had predicted Argentina’s FIFA World 2022 victory in March 2015, was among thousands of people present in the final match to witness Messi lift the trophy.

His English language tweet posted on 21 March 2015 suddenly went viral after Argentina beat France on Sunday.

“December 18, 2022. 34 year old Leo Messi will win the World Cup and become greatest player of all times. Check back with me in 7 year,” read his old tweet.

After his prediction came true, the man sent out a tweet in Spanish language which read, “I was there in your first World Cup and now I was able to be in your last one where you touched the sky with your hands, Lio, just like Diego did. I will be happy for the rest of my life, thanks Argentina, we are WORLD CHAMPIONS.”

Polanco is a travel aficionado who has visited several countries.

Click the link below to visit Polanco’s Instagram account:


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