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Who is the man Imran Khan says is abducting and threatening his supporters?

Islamabad: A day after securing victory on six National Assembly seats in by-elections, former prime minister Imran Khan called for fresh elections in the country.

Talking to the media, Khan also threatened to mount a long march on Islamabad.

He said that the PTI long march date would not be beyond October 2022.

During the media talk, Khan said a man recently posted in Islamabad is involved in threatening and abducting people.

“This man is hurting the country. He is provoking people against institutions instead of increasing their respect. I demand strict action be taken against this man.”

Multiple PTI supporters criticised Khan for failing to name the man.

They were of the view that how Khan could bring about a revolution when he lacks the courage to name the person who is involved in abduction of his supporters.

Meanwhile, Khan’s supporters starting guessing the name of the person the former prime minister mentioned in his media talk.

While Some journalists believe Khan was refferring to DG ISI Lt. General Nadeem Anjum, others think he was alluding to DG Counter Intelligence, ISI, Faisal Naseer.

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