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Who is the man in Hareem Shah’s new leaked video?


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The new alleged leaked video of TikTok star Hareem Shah has become talk of the town, with folks discussing its content and the man whose face is not visible in the clip.

People were sharing the video with claim that the the man whom the woman is seen pleasuring is a politician.

Although there is nothing to support the claim, most of the people thought so because they had recently seen her roaming in high offices.

Another reason behind it was apparently a fake Twitter account attributed to Hareem Shah.

The Twitter account had recently posted a video purporting to show Shaheen Shah Afridi indulging in self administered sex. The cricketer has refused to comment on the video.

On the same day when Afridi’s alleged video was leaked, the fake Twitter account had claimed that it was soon going to release a scandalous video of a politician.

The authorities have yet to move against the Twitter account which Hareem Shah too has denied operating.

The new leaked video of “Hareem Shah” shows only the lower torso of the man who has stirred a debate about his identity.

Nobody was able to identify the man shown in the video from his hands which he places on the woman’s head to force her to take his pole deeper.

The man, however, has become subject of ridicule for his flaccid pole which refuses to become stiff despite being put in the mouth of a woman.

Veracity of the claims that the woman shown in the video is Hareem Shah is also not confirmed.

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