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Who is Usman and why he became Twitter trend in Pakistan ?

KARACHI: Neither it was Usman Buzdar nor Usman Shinwari. In fact it was not someone you know.

A certain Usman became top Twitter trend in Pakistan, with thousands of people posting funny memes since Saturday night.

But there was still a large number of users who had no idea what Usman Twitter trend was all about.

For those who are wondering about the person who has now gone viral beyond Twitter, it all started with a late night Tweet from a user Komal Shahid who wrote ” β€˜I texted Usman I wanna eat something at this time and he just brought this to me. Y’all need a friend like Usman.”

Her tweet also accompanied a picture of things that Usman had brought for Komal.

Pakistani Twitter users found the humor hidden in the tweet and started posting funny memes, making Usman an overnight sensation.

They were posting funny tweets to offer condolence to Usman who they thought suffers from unrequited love.

The funny trend has also prompted ride hailing service Careem to offer a special discount offer.

The users users have posted thousands of hilarious memes that would leave you in fits.

Here are some tweets:

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