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Who is Zia Chishti, founder of Afinity accused of sexual assault?

Washington: A 23-year-old former employee has accused software firm Afinitii’s multimillionaire founder Zia Chishti of sexual assault.

The 50-year-old Pakistani- American Zia Chishti is accused of beating Tatiana Spottiswoode while having sex with her on a work trip to Brazil in 2017.

She also told the US House of Representatives’s judiciary committee that Chishti had told her “he should have had sex with me when I was 13 years old”.

Zia Chishti’s mother, Sadia Chishti, once sat on the Council of Islamic Ideology in Pakistan. Zia’s dad however was American and he had moved to Pakistan with his mother after he died when he was 3 years old.

Zia Chishti was born as Wilson Lear in 197 in Bar Harbor, Maine.After the death of his father in 1974, he and his mother moved to Lahore, Pakistan. At that time, his name was legally changed to Zia Chishti.

Zia Chishti has no wife and In July 2001, People Magazine listed him among the top 50 bachelors in the United State

Although Chishti intended to pursue a business career in Pakistan after graduating from the Lahore American School, he was persuaded by his mother to return to the United States. In 1988 he moved to New York City to begin attending Columbia University, where he earned a BA in computer science and economics in 1992.

Zia Chishti meeting KP chief minister during Pakistan visit

Chishti subsequently became an investment banker at Morgan Stanley, working in New York and London, England on mergers and acquisitions. He also worked for McKinsey & Company as a management consultant in London. In 1997, he graduated from Stanford University in California with an MBA.

He is also founder of TRG Global in Pakistan.
TRG Pakistan Ltd. is a holding company, which engages in the acquisition, investment, and management of operations to the business process outsourcing industry. The company was founded on December 2, 2002 and is headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan.

Zia Chishti brought a delegation of prominent people including former prime ministers of Spain and Italy to Pakistan in 2019 – he was invited by then minister Zulfi Bukhari and here he and his delegation had a meeting with PM Imran Khan.

Zia Chishti meeting prime minister of Pakistan
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