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Why do Hollywood actresses wear revealing dresses at award shows?

Why do Hollywood actresses wear revealing dresses at award shows?

Because they wants ATTENTION.

The same actress, in two different dresses and for most people, the top one would be more catchy.

it’s depending on your philosophy, the West has wants its daughters to view “Women empowerment” by the pound.

I wrote a piece about the sexualisation of women in the West only to be bombarded with people telling me that DESPITE the West being a free society where girls can be engineers, scientists and neurosurgeons, they don’t parallel the numbers in Islamic countries where the women are covered up, is not a problem.

Peoples argue that the Muslim women have “no choice” to get ahead except to be scientifically savvy… and Western women have the chance to be BOTH sexualised and highly successful…. and it’s a right to NOT be a scientist…. yet the continual debate of there not being sufficient representation in the West of females in science persist.… and now, America is stealing the technology from China, beginning with Apple stealing the patent for SIRI and Donald Trump now trying to steal Video Application TikTok with Facebook ALREADY having STOLEN the idea by creating REELS.

As the West Continues to sexualise its daughters into a faux version of liberty and empowerment, the middle East and Asia are genuinely giving their daughters the chance to display the full faculties of their ability – the creation of ART OUTSIDE OF VANITY.

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