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‘Wo Kon Tha’: who is the target of Twitter trend in Pakistan?

Islamabad: Urdu hashtag ‘Wo Kaun Hai’ is trending on Twitter, with several journalists, previously known as establishment’s mouthpiece promoting it.

The trend started after ARY anchor Arshad Sharif launched a veiled attack on the army leadership by asking several questions with Urdu phrase “Wo Kaun Tha'” (Who was it).

Some of the questions asked by the anchor read: ” Who created instability in the country? Who got D-Chowk sealed after Imran Khan’s call to workers when he was the prime minister? Who was asked by US for regime change? Who told US that Imran Khan himself took the decision to visit Russia?”

More than 39,000 tweets were posted under the hashtag #وہ_کون_ہے

The journalists who were promoting the trend included Imran Riaz Khan, Asad Kharal, Tariq Mateen, and others known for their affiliation.

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