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Xxnaivivxx (Vivian Zhu) back to school giveaway 2016 international

Xxnaivivxx back to school giveaway 2016 international

“School supplies Giveaway videos are kind of important and special to me because it is my favorite Video on Youtube,” says Youtuber Vivia Zhu popularly known by her fans as Xxnaivivxx.

While many Youtubers have been posting back to school giveaway videos for quite some time now, it is Xxnaivivxx who continue to attract people even to her years older videos for reasons known to only her followers.

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One particular giveaway video of Vivian Zhu is quite popular among her fans who often look watch on Youtube. While most of the fans search for the video by typing “Xxnaivivxx back to school giveaway 2016 international”. Few knows that it was actually posted in 2014.

Before showing the giveaways –which include school supplies like highlighters, pencil box, notbooks etc, she lays out the rules that her followers had to follow and the requirements they had to fulfill to win the prizes.

Here are the simple requirements one has to fulfill to win the prizes offered by Xxnaivivxx:

  • Your are name
  • Grade you are in
  • Favorite place to shop for school supplies
  • Your favorite type of school supplies
  • Where are you from (Also include which prize color you would like if you win.

She then explains the rules, requesting the viewers to listen her and follow them. Vivia Zhu says in the video that “back to school supplies” offer is open internationally.


  • You mus be a subscribers of the Youtube
  • Only one entry
  • Only comment
  • Do not spam
  • Do not go crazy

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