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‘300-year-old Pakistani woman’ is the world’s oldest person?

Lahore: A purported video of a 300-year-old Pakistani woman is doing the rounds on social media with false claims. Some social media users believe that a human can actually live that long.

According to Guinness World Record, currently, the world’s oldest person is 118-year-old Kane Tanaka of Japan.

The reason why some people seemed to believe that the woman seen in the video might be 300-years-old is she looks ancient but the looks can’t prove the claims being made. A user claimed that the woman belonged to an area near Lahore, a claim that couldn’t be verified independently.

According to research published in Nature in 2017, there is no known limit to how long humans can live. “The new papers don’t argue that human lifespan is limitless. But they note that it’s premature to accept that a maximum lifespan for humans exists. It’s equally possible, they say, that humans will continue to live longer, and therefore might survive beyond 115 years,” said a research published by Time magazine.

“It was reasonable that when everybody lived to 50 that the very long lived, for whatever reason—genetics or luck—would make it to 80,” the article quoted Siegfried Hekimi, professor of genetics at McGill University in Canada as saying.

“If people live on average to 80 or 90, like they do now, then the very long lived make it to 110 or 120. So if the average lifespan keeps expanding, that would mean the long-lived would live even longer, beyond 115 years,” he said.

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