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Arshad Sharif who produced song for ISPR calls for ISPR audit for spending money on songs

Islamabad: ARY anchor Arshad Sharif on Thursday called for the audit of the ISPR, the media wing of the Pakiatan Army.

He said that the audit should determine who benefited from the dramas and songs produced by the ISPR.

The anchor shared a report to raise objection to a song which the army’s media wing produced to create awareness during the COVID-19 crisis.

He said that 12.379 million were spent on the song with duration of less then five minutes.

Interestingly, Sharif himself directed and produced a song for the ISPR and received a national award for his services.

Social media users supported his demand for the ISPR audit and also urged him to disclose how much money he made while working on ISPR projects when the army’s media wing was headed by General Asif Ghaffoor.

The ISPR song produced by Arshad Sharif
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