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ARY’s Sabir Shakir taken off air?

Islamabad: Sabir Shakir on Tuesday addressed reports that ARY decided to take him off air.

Multiple journalists said the ARY Islamabad Bureau Chief was taken off air after he refused to close his YouTube channel.

It was reported that ARY administration was behind the decision to suspend Sabir Shakir’s show.

The veracity of the reports could not be independently confirmed. Most of ARY anchors have been publicaly attacking the establishment after removal of Imran Khan from office.

Sabir Shakir said he was out of the country and would talk to his viewers from his show, without confirming or denying whether the reports regarding his show going off air were true.

Another anchor, Arshad Sharif, who is known as the establishment’s mouth piece, is also publicaly criticizing the army after Khan’s ouster.

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