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Azaz Syed calls out Hassan Nisar for using objectionable language against Maryam

ISLAMABAD: Azaz Syed, an Islamabad based journalist associated with Jang/Geo group, on Monday called out senior columnist and political commentator Hassan Nisar for using derogatory language against Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and a senior leader of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz.

While commenting on Hassan Nisar’s Twitter post which carried a click bat article telling the “story”  behind Maryam Nawaz’s marriage to Captain (retd) Safdar, Syed wrote that Hassan Nisar should think before using objectionable language against someone’s daughter because he himself is father of a daughter.

The journalist didn’t stop there and went on to say Nisar could have earn respect of “students” like him if he had preferred to be a “big” man instead of choosing to be a “big name”.

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