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Best Iftar and Sehri Deals in Karachi for Ramadan 2019

Best Iftar and Sehri deals in Karachi are somethings folks have been looking for this Ramadan in Karachi.

We have complied a list of Iftar and Sehri Deals you can get in famous restaurants in Karachi.

Here are some reasonable and best places for Iftar buffet and deals you might be willing to get your hands on this Ramadan.

Port Grand Iftar Dinner and Pizza Deal Rs 900 and Rs 600 Karachi
GrillO Iftar Deal 1 and 2 and 3 Rs 645 and Rs 1245 and Rs 2195 Karachi
Grill House Iftar + Dinner Buffet Rs 1795/- Karachi
Del Frio Ramadan Deals 1,2 Rs 1350 and Rs 1640 Karachi
OpTp Ramadan Deal Rs 990 Karachi
Khan Ji Iftar + Dinner Buffet Rs 1699+Tax Karachi
Pizza Max Iftar and Sehri Buffet Rs 850 and Rs 699 Karachi
Barcelos Ramadan Deal Rs 1399+Tax Karachi
Nandos Ramadan Platter Rs 1250+GST Karachi
The Deli Iftar + Dinner Buffet Rs 2500 Karachi
Bonsai Sehri Buffet Rs 999+Tax Karachi
Ala Rasi Ramadan Deals 1 and 2 Rs 1995 and Rs 2995 Karachi
Kababjees Ramadan Deal Flat 15% OFF Karachi
KFC Ramadan Deals Rs 795 Karachi
The Bruger Shack Ramadan Deals Rs 990 Karachi
Chop Chop Wak Ramadan Deals Rs 990 and Rs 1090 Karachi
Saydyz Ramadan Deals Buy 10 Get 2 Free Karachi
Chaupal Iftar + Dinner and Sehri Buffet Rs 1099 and Rs 999 Karachi
Jade Garden Ramadan Deals 30% Off Karachi
Sajjad Restaurant Iftar + Dinner Buffet Rs 1999+Tax Karachi
Daily Dubai Iftar + Dinner Buffet Rs 1490 Karachi
Pinch and Co Ramadan Deals Special Deals Karachi
TAO Pan Iftar + Dinner Buffet Rs 1790+Tax Karachi
Bam-Bou Iftar + Dinner Buffet Rs 1699+Tax Karachi
Marcels Iftar + Dinner Buffet Rs 1895+Tax Karachi
Chatter Box Iftar + Dinner Buffet Rs 1390+Tax Karachi
Pavilion End Club Iftar + Dinner Buffet Rs 1099/- Karachi
Al-Noor (Luxury Boat) Iftar + Dinner Buffet Rs 2500/- Karachi
Bruno’s Iftar + Dinner Buffet Rs 1299+Tax Karachi
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