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Call of Duty Season 4: ‘Urzikstan SSG’ is a real-life Pakistani commando

A video game enthusiast on Friday drew Twittrati’s attention towards Pakistan Army’s appearance in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4.

The Twitter user shared a couple of picture suggesting that the game character ‘Urzikstan’ SSG is based on a real life commando of the Pakistan Army’s elite group.

He also shared a picture of the real life character Kayani who had become famous after his appearance on social media with his rebuttal of Afghanistan’s claim that he was killed by Afghan forces.

“Pakistan army SSG makes an appearance in Call of Duty modern warfare season 4 as ‘Urzikstan’ SSG. Apparently, they modeled the character on an actual, real-life SSG commando,” read the tweet sent out by the Pakistani gamer.

The Special Service Group (SSG) are the special operation forces of the Pakistan Army tasked with five primary missions: foreign internal defense, reconnaissance,direct action, counter-terrorism, and unconventional warfare.

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