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Imran Riaz Khan denies report about his sister joining Daesh

Anchor Imran Riaz Khan on Monday said he has no sister while reacting to a report that said his sister fled home to join Daesh.

According to Imran Riaz, the Imran Khan mentioned in the BBC 2015 report was not him.

The Lahore-based anchor is a staunch supporter of former prime minister Imran Khan and never criticizes the PTI.

He is currently receiving backlash for launching a personal attack on Islamabad-based journalist Matiullah Jan outside the Islamabad High Court.

To avoid being interviewed, Imran Riaz attacked Matiullah Jan by claiming that he was raped in army’s barracks.

His homophobic remarks sparked outrage on social media.

Amid the outcry on his remarks, a 2015 BBC Urdu report reappeared on social media.

According to the BBC report being circulated on social media, Imran Khan’s sister Farhana fled her home along with her five children to join the militant Islamic State (Daesh) in Syria.

The report said two other women from Lahore had also fled their homes to join Daesh.

Imran Khan (not the anchor and YouTuber ) told BBC that his sister and brother in law had extremist views. He said his sister failed to cross the Pakistani border because she was arrested by the Frontier Cops.

Imran Khan said that he had talked to his sister through the internet but was unaware of her whereabouts.

Many PTI workers believe that the anchor played a major role in misleading the party’s supporters and its senior leaders.

They believe that Imran Riaz never criticizes the PTI because he is making a huge fortune through his YouTube channel, which is largely followed by PTI supporters.

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