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Does Pakistan support Russia or Ukraine?

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan was criticized for undertaking a visit to Russia on the invitation of President Vladimir Putin when the war in Ukraine looked imminent. Russian started invading Ukraine the same day Khan arrived in Moscow on an official visit.

A statement issued after Khan’s meeting with the Russian strongman highlighted Pakistan’s neutrality in the conflict and it clearly showed that the Islamic Republic is not taking sides.

The statement said, “The Prime Minister regretted the latest situation between Russia and Ukraine and said that Pakistan had hoped diplomacy could avert a military conflict. The Prime Minister Stress that conflict was not in anyone’s interest and that the developing countries were always hit the hardest economically in case of conflict. He underlined Pakistan’s belief that disputes should be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy.”

US President Joe Biden later said at a press conference that “Any country that supports Putin will be stained by association,” without naming any country or leader.

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