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Emporium Cinema Viral Videos fail to draw govt attention

No government official has offered any comment on the breach of privacy of the couples whose sexually explicit videos were apparently leaked by staff of Emporium Cinema Lahore.

Nor did any human rights activist approach the court to seek legal action against those who jeopardized the lives of multiple couples by leaking their videos on social media.

The videos, which have been seen thousands of times and still being searched online, caused outrage among liberal circles with some people vowing to take the matter to the court and sought an order to
bar the restaurants, cinemas and other establishments from leaking videos of the visitors.

They were of the view that the act of leaking the videos is breach of trust.

The Emporium Cinema leaked videos seem to have failed to shake the authorities out of slumber despite the fact that the video leak put the lives of many couples at risk in a conservative society which has always been averse to granting liberties to woman.

It is incumbent upon the government to take notice of the incident and initiate action against those involved in this dangerous move.

It also needs to ensure safety of the couples whose fate and identities remain unknown.

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