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Emporium Mall Lahore Scandal: Govt must ensure safety of couples involved

It’s been a week since the leaked videos of multiple couples indulging in sexual activities went viral in Pakistan. The couples were reportedly filmed at a cinema located in Emporium Mall Lahore.

The footage sparked outrage in the country with a large number of people calling out the couples for allowing themselves to become involved in “inappropriate activities” since such acts committed at public places are illegal under Pakistani law .

But a section of the society has raised concern over the large scale circulation of the videos on the social media and whatsapp groups, arguing that people are jeopardizing the lives of the couples in a conservative society.

They have called on internet users to refrain from spreading the videos further. While most of the mainstream media has kept mum and avoided discussing the issue, Geo Pakistan, the country’s most popular morning show hosts criticized the theaters involved in filming people.

Speaking on the show prominent activist and International public policy and gender reforms specialist Salman Sufi announced to take legal action against hotels, restaurants and cinemas for filming people without their consent.

He also called for creating awareness among the people. Nighat Dad, a digital activist, voiced support for the couples involved in the scandal and called the video leak a breach of privacy. She also assured Salman Sufi of her support.

The government, however, has not taken any action or issued any statement on the matter.

\Information Adviser Firdouse Ashiq Awan last month said Prime Minister Imran Khan had expressed concern over increasing use of adult website in the country during a cabinet.

Some social media users have demanded government take action against the cinema owners for breach of privacy.

As the videos continue to spread all over the internet, the fate of couples seen in the footage is not known.

Couples’ safety

While the identities of the couples’ seen in the video remain unknown, their faces are clearly visibly in the footage.

Some Twitter users have demanded ensure their safety given the trend of honor killings in the country.

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