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Entire Pakistan Air Force was airborne on Feb 27

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani army on Monday once again rejected Indian claims that Pakistan Air Force’s F-16 fighter jet was shot down during air battle between the countries on Feb 27.

The Inter-Service Public Relation (ISPR), media wing of the army, said in a statement that no F-16 was shot down during the conflict that brought the two countries to the brink of war.

Two Indian fighter jets were shot down by PAF’s JF-17 aircraft when enemy fighters entered Pakistani territory.

It further said that entire PAF was airborne when the Indian planes were shot down in February, adding that argument that which Pakistani aircraft shot down the Indian warplanes was irrelevant.

“Whether it was F-16 or JF-17 which shot down 2 Indian aircraft is
immaterial ,” the army said.

“The event of 27 Feb is part of history now. No Pakistani F16 was hit by Indian airforce,” the statement said.

The Pakistan Army said PAF action across LOC was carried out by JF-17 from within Pakistan airspace. “

Later when 2 Indian jets crossed LOC they were shot down by PAF,” the statement said.

It said the PAF brought down Indian aircraft in self defence and New Delhi can keep making assumption about the Pakistani aircraft used in the conflict.

“India can assume any type of their choice even F-16. Pakistan retains the right to use anything and everything in its legitimate self defence,” the Pakistan Army said.

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